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1 09 2008

– we should make a blog where people can give their input

– empty lines in the book for yourself to write your results and ideas. 



1 09 2008

Why do we build and use all these habits?


It is a problem when a habit becomes a barrier for our personal development.


The society develops faster and faster and that places us with bigger and bigger demands to ourselves, our skills and our surroundings.


The older you get the harder it becomes chaning your habits. Why is that?

What’s all this habit-crushing and killing good for?

1 09 2008

Why is it important? Wich goals can you achieve in life when you get aware of the habit-dangers? Whether you’re a private guy or a CEO .. whay should I use these exercises and theories?

What can I use all this rubbish for?

1 09 2008

About what you can do when you master the habit-crushing. The habit-zen!. (Not only in creative jobs)


About defining goals for yourself. 

We do it and it works

1 09 2008

Both Mick and I takes our own medicine, and it works great for us. 

We are all Crackheads!

1 09 2008

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” – John Dryden

An introduction to the book and why we say that everybody today kind of walks around as crackheads. 

What are habits and where do they come from?

Do you recall brushing your teeth this morning?

Habits are an inseparable part of our personality, actions and thoughts. They are automatic routines of behavior that are repeated regularly without going through a conscious thought process. They just happen without you even noticing that you actually have a choice in the first place.

Try for one moment to think about all the things you do and say throughout the day without even thinking first. Do you remember brushing your teeth this morning? Not that you did it, but actually doing it? I don’t. 

Research shows that 80% of what you do is habitual actions. Imagine, the person you think you are is in many ways the consequence pre-recorded thoughts and actions that control what you do and how you do it.

Think of all the ideas, people, learning, new experiences and business opportunities that go unnoticed every day because you are running on autopilot. Things that are literally stolen from just under your nose.

But how do these pre-recorded behavioral patterns come into being? At what point in time do they start?

Every time we are faced with a new challenge or have to do something we have never done before, we are faced with a conscious choice about how to solve the issue in question. No matter if we are talking about riding a bike, brushing your teeth or how to react the when you’re fired from your work.

How do you react?


Universal (Target group)

1 09 2008

Fighting and winning over your habits (both good and bad ones) is an universal self-coaching technique. It’s not only creative people who will gain from such knowledge. Also ninjas and cleaning ladies and investment bankers. When it gets down it’s all about life quality.