1 09 2008

We humans are the best at finding shortcuts and in no time adjusting to them. That is good for some things in life, but for your creativity it’s really bad. Fx: The channel button number 4 on your remotecontrol stops working just when you should zap TV. You know that it’s not something to fix just like that – but instead of fixing it right away you finds out that pressing button 3 plus the volume button at the same time you will go to program 4. So you have found a shortcut or maybe a deroute of getting around a small problem. Now it works for you – but it’s not great – but yet you’re not going to fix it – not today, not tomorrow cause it doesn’t really need fixing anymore. It worked better before but it still kind of works. The next time you’re using the remote you will allready do the trick automatically. The only time you will think about it is if someone else are trying to watch channel 4 on your TV. 




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