About the authors

Rasmus Gottliebsen (It’s me smoking the pipe)

Hi! I’m Rasmus Gottliebsen and I’m 30 years old and live wih my wife Anja In Copenhagen, Denmark. We own a Toyota Avensis stationcar from the disco year 2000.

After highschool I studied art at the Royal Art Academy of Jutland and after that I joined the School of Architecture AAA for two years.

Then I got a break through to the advertising industry where I’ve been working for more than 7 years now. I started working for Uncle Grey (www.uncle.dk) for 6 + years and now my employer is Robert/Boisen & Likeminded (www.rblm.dk).

I’ve been working on clients like: Fakta, 24timer, Jyllands-Posten, Young Tours, Peugeot, Super Brugsen and WWF. 

I range as 2008’s nr. 8 on the danish chart of advertising creatives measured on internationally creative awards won the past 5 years. (So beware I’m REALLY creative!!!)

I also write music under my pseudonym Soft Charlie. Check it out at www.myspace.com/softcharlie

Mick Cordero (I’m the guy to the right)

Hello friend! I am Mick, 31 years old and based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  I’ve got a pretty diverse background, which can probably be traced back to the fact that I am raised in a home with two different cultures – Danish and Cuban.

After high school, where I first met Rasmus, I went to Havana, Cuba, where I got a diploma from the national conservatory in piano and composition. I also hold a degree in project management from Aarhus Business School and graduated as a Kaospilot (an international masters program in innovation and leadership) in 2006. So you can say that I’ve tried a little of everything. I still play music, though, check out our website below.

I currently work as a coach and team leader at the Kaospilot education in Malmø, Sweden, as well as I am co-founder of the sustainable business, Triolife. As references I’ve worked with LEGO, B&O, Urban Outfitters, The Danish Parliament and done lectures and workshops in places like Italy, New York, Havana, Stockholm and Mumbai. 

I strongly believe in human potential and that we are all inherently creative. But that we – through school and upbringing – are taught out of this in favor of logic and linearly thinking.

Usually, this is not something that we are aware of or even notice because it is so deeply rooted in our mindset and habits.

That is why I have embarked in the writing of Crackheads – because I want to explorer and tell the story of the immense potential that lies in doing things differently, not by the book, breaking the rules and challenging ourselves.

Feel free to check out some of the stuff I’m involved in:

The Kaospilot Education: www.kaospilot.dk

Team Latino: www.cordero.dk

Triolife: www.triolife.com


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